The Challacombe Scale

The Challacombe Scale was developed from research conducted at King’s College London Dental Institute under the supervision of Professor Stephen Challacombe.

It is a Clinical Oral Dryness Score (CODS) and uses a simple numeric system which enables the clinician to quantify the severity of the xerostomia and to decide if the condition needs treatment or not.

The scale is being targeted at all medical professionals who may have to diagnose xerostomia. This will include all members of the Dental Team, GPs and Practice Nurses, all care assistants and many more.

A.S Pharma have produced the scale as an easy to use poster which is perfect for hanging on clinic walls. Practitioners can get copies of the Challacombe Scale by contacting us by telephone, fax or email or they can order via our website.

Challacombe Scale

“It is important in medicine to be able to make a decision that someone doesn’t need treatment, which actually requires a greater depth of knowledge than the decision to treat – it is not the easy option. Having a recognised scale means patients can be monitored over a period of time for the effectiveness of treatment measures or for the need for subsequent treatment.”

- Professor Stephen Challacombe

Challacombe Scale
Challacombe Scale
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